Israeli Clients

In countries with Bank Hapoalim representatives, Israeli companies with overseas companies, or non-Israeli companies with assets in Israel, can use collateral held in Israel for their local credit needs.
Credit products for such firms include:

Term and Bridge Loans, Credit Lines, Letters of Credit, Guarantees, Real Estate Financing, Working Capital Financing, etc. Likewise, we enable Israeli customers operating abroad to obtain accompanying services, such as Assets Management (including Investment Products, Treasury Operations, etc.), Cash Management and Trust Services.

In addition to solutions offered to your business, as an executive or business owner you can enjoy our exclusive Private Banking services, including:

Asset Management, Investment or Finance Consulting and Trust Services for Private Banking clients.

For further information please contact:

International Corporate Banking
Debora Aljanati

46 Rothschild Blvd., Tel-Aviv 66883, Israel
Tel: (972) 3 5674761

Services and products are subject to local laws and regulations and may not be offered in each jurisdiction. For example, investment services are not being offered in the United States or to US Persons except via our US licensed business ( and are being offered only to Canadian customers who qualify as "permitted clients" (as that term is defined under Canadian law).