Foreign Securities and Foreign Currency

Securities and foreign exchange markets are by their nature volatile. They require great discipline on the one hand, yet swift decision-making on the other. Striking a balance is a matter of knowledge and experience, and more than a bit of intuition.

At BHI, investors will find that their CRM can be valuable, in navigating the securities markets.
Once the decisions have been made, we execute trades swiftly and reliably. We provide trade execution in numerous financial products, throughout the world, including stocks, bonds, mutual funds and structured investment products.

Your CRM is a direct line to our currency trading rooms in London, New York, Zurich and Tel Aviv. We offer a broad range of foreign exchange products including sophisticated futures contracts in foreign currency.


  1. Spot transactions
  2. Forward contracts 
  3. Call and Put options
Services and products are subject to local laws and regulations and may not be offered in each jurisdiction. For example, investment services are not being offered in the United States or to US Persons except via our US licensed business ( and are being offered only to Canadian customers who qualify as "permitted clients" (as that term is defined under Canadian law).